Ava & Emily Slightly Lashed Bundle

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Ava & Emily are both lashes that you can wear under cover, and by that I mean, they're barely noticeable. They'll give you an accentuated lash profile and a little extra flutter in the most natural way possible. These are two of my favourite lashes that I've kept in my stash of top secret releases for the last 6 months. I've loved them because of their understated appearance, and the way that they add just that tiny bit of magic to your natural look. It's finally time to set them free!

In this bundle pack you will receive a brand new Emily lash and a sparkling new Ava lash, so you'll have 2 new looks to add to your collection. You can see these two looks on Tayla from our Customer service team by clicking on the tabs below. 

(As usual there are very limited numbers with my secret releases because the lashes are personally hand sought, so get in quick to avoid missing out. All lashes are new and never before used, someone emailed me to ask ;-)

Lots of Love, Marcha


Ava Lash


Emily Lash