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To be discontinued - If you love these original lashes grab a pair while they are still in stock!

Natural Looking Magnetic Lashes

These magnetic lashes are designed to be used without magnetic eyeliner. If you would like an easy application with magnetic eyeliner, please check out our Luxe Range of Lashes Here


The Witchy Lashes Magnetic Lash was designed with you in mind. It gives you:

  1. Full Lash-line Coverage
  2. Re-usable so you can wear them every day
  3. Three Magnets for a perfect natural looking application
  4. The best quality synthetic silk that tapers at the ends of the magnetic lashes, giving you a softer, feminine lash that looks more natural.
  5. Keep your natural eyelashes in good health, Witchy Lashes Magnetic Lashes are safe to use every day. No glue means no harm to your natural eyelashes. 

We have designed magnetic lashes for every occasion and our style collection is growing. Find your perfect magnetic lash below:

  • Are you looking for an enhancement of your natural lashes, something that looks natural and is comfortable enough to wear every day? Try The Everyday Witch 

  • Do you like something with some more personality that gives you amazing lash length and fullness? The Flirty Witch is perfect for wearing while dancing or performing.

  • Committed to fabulous lashes no matter what? If you love big and bold lashes then The Dramatic Witch is for you. Soft and puffy and fills your natural lashes to give a dramatic look.

All magnetic lashes come in a compact case to keep them safe. 

Our Magnetic Lash Lengths

Witchy Lash Magnetic Lashes are suitable for most eye shapes and sizes. The everyday lash is a little shorter as it gives a more natural appearance when applied, so it works for all eye types. 

The Everyday Witch - Magnetic Lash 28 mm
The Flirty Witch - Magnetic Lash 30 mm
The Dramatic Witch - Magnetic Lash 33 mm


Not sure which magnetic lashes to buy?

We recommend trying The Everyday Witch magnetic lash to start with. It will add just enough volume and a little length to enhance your natural lashes. It is also the easiest lash to apply if you are starting your journey with magnetic lashes.