Looking for lashes that you can wear with your glasses? I have got you covered! 

These are my top picks, they're short to medium in length and are most likely to be comfortable to wear with your glasses. Why most likely? Because all eye types are unique and this really depends on the size and placement of your features. 

If you have deep-set eyes with larger features, you'll be able to wear most of our range under your glasses, yay for you! However, for those with protruding eyes, there's a bit less space between your lids and your glasses so you may have to settle for something a bit shorter in length, like our Emily lash or our Nita lash

Have fun with these choices and remember that there's never a wrong choice, lashes are versatile and can be worn on many different occasions, just like your outfits!





P.S. you can wear these with metal frames!


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