Nita Limited Edition Magnetic Accent Lashes

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A timeless beauty, the Nita lash is elegant and stylish. With wispy 3D like structured hairs that give a soft and fluffy side profile, and just enough volume to emphasize your natural lashes. The flared end on this lash make it an amazing choice for monolid eyes and downturned eye shapes.

She features a 3/4 lash band, covering only the outside corners of the eyes. This helps to create the illusion of a larger eye. 

Inner corner: 7mm

Outer corner: 10mm


A note from Marcha:

I curated this lash for its length and shape, specifically for those of you with smaller eyes.
My friend Nita is petite so her eyes are smaller than mine. When I started the business we were making some videos to show how the lashes worked. Back then it was the Flirty lashes that we were stocking, and they were too long for her eye. So I had to snip one of the 3 magnets off, which resulted in a much smaller lash than her natural lashes. At first we thought it may look silly, but, she tried it on and it looked so good! She even decided to wear it to the pub for trivia night! And so, with a few adjustments and a little bit of sparkle dust, the Nita lash was born...
This lash is a little whispy and has a beautiful 3d effect, so theres a playfulness to the side profile it gives the wearer. Really elegant and perfect for family functions, work or a casual date.