Having Issues?

Our liner and lashes are truly the best quality on the market but as with anything in life there is always an opportunity for something to go wrong. There is also a lot of misinformation out there because of companies trying to make a quick buck on a cheap product.

Here are a few things that you can check to see if you can resolve your application frustration. 

If you followed these checks and you are still having problems. Please contact our team below and we will help you get it sorted so that you can enjoy your gorgeous new lashes. 

How can I clean my lashes?

It's important not to use cleaning oil on your lashes, some soapy water will do. 


How can I clean the liner from my lids?

We have a very strong magnetic liner which is amazing at holding lashes in place, and because of its waterproof formula, it can only be removed with oil based removers. Some work better than others, and our Geranium Cleansing oil works like a charm. Check it out below. 

Did you wait for the liner to dry completely?

Our liner only works when it has been left to dry before you have applied the lashes. If the liner is still too wet or completely wet your lashes will just fall off and make a big mess. Give it time, depending on weather conditions it can take a bit longer to dry.

Liner not drying?

The liner has an awesome bond, which gives it the strength to hold your lashes in place, but this bond is easily broken with oils. So make sure you are applying the liner over dry skin that has not been moisturized with oily products. 

*This is not true for all skin types, some skin types work fine with oil & our liner.

Getting liner everywhere it doesn't belong?

Its important to remove all of the excess product from your brush before you start applying your liner. Swirl it around the top edge and then wipe any left over beads of liner off to get a crisp application. 

If you are new to liner, try using small brush strokes and just covering a tiny bit of eye area at a time, this will give you more control over where the liner goes. 

Hooded eyes?

Wait for the liner to dry before opening your eyes all the way. 

Still having issues? Take a deep breath and use a cotton bud with some cleaning oil on it to gently remove any parts that you have made mistakes on. 

Applying liquid liner for the first time can be a challenge for anyone, with a bit of practice you will get the hang of it in no time.

One part isn't staying?

Frustrating, we know! Try this

1. Remove the lash completely

2. Take the back of your tweezers or application tools and gently remove any excess liner stuck to the magnets, as this weakens the bond to your liner. Set your lash back in its container. 

3. Grab your liner, remove excess liner from the brush, then gently go over your lid with the liner again. 

This is important because the magnetic particles were previously removed when you removed the lash. 

4. Move on to doing something else, give the liner at lease 5 minutes to dry so that you can be sure it has dried. If it is still not dry you will need to check the products you have used on your eye, they may not be compatible with the liner. This is unlikely but possible!

5. When you are 100% sure the liner has dried, grab your clean lash and apply it starting from the inside corner. For a more natural look always apply it between 3-5mm from the start of your lid. 

6. Gently press it down and allow it to bond with the liner.

Using lashes in a round case?

The round case lashes are wearable on their own without the liner by sandwiching the top and bottom lashes over your natural lashes. 

If you use them with the liner, you can only use the ones with the magnets at the bottom. If you have very round eyes they may not work very well with the liner as they only have 3 magnets. 

You can cut the inside magnet off all the way to the middle magnet, and they will make an AMAZING half lash that looks incredibly natural and gives you a gorgeous wispy flick. 

How do I remove the liner?

 The liner is made to stay in place all day long so it can't be removed with water or soap. The best thing to use is our cleaning oil, it is specially formulated with Geranium Rose to break down the liner and nourish your natural lashes and skin in the process.

Wash your face with your usual cleanser after applying the oil and enjoy your glowing skin. 


If you have a different issue please get in touch below and we will do our best to help.