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Accentuate your eyes while you wear glasses with the Witchy Lashes Glorious Glasses pack! This pack will expand your lash collection with 4 sets of versatile lashes that are designed for wear under your glasses. 

💜​ Shorter Length Lashes for a snug glasses fit
💜​ Light, medium & full-volume lash sets
💜​ 3 Dimensional fibers for a luxe side profile
💜​ A lash style for every occasion
💜​ Suitable for Small, Medium and Large eyes
💜​ 30+ wears per pair

While we know these lashes work great under glasses they may not be suitable for all. If you have very little space between your glasses and your lids, opt for the Ivy and Odette lashes first. 

Apply your new eyelashes with our famous Magic Liner for up to 12 hours of weatherproof wear. 


Lash Lengths

Ivy: Shortest Length 5mm x Longest Length 9mm
Odette: Shortest Length 5mm x Longest Length 9mm
Bonita: Shortest Length 5mm X Longest Length 10mm
Bambi: Shortest Length 6mm x Longest Length 10mm