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Best False Eyelashes for Alopecia

Going through any hair loss experience is difficult, hair is such a big part of our personality and it can be so hard to find suitable accessories that allow you to feel good in your own skin. While we want to celebrate and feel proud of our bodies no matter what we look like, it can be a difficult and vulnerable experience. 

I want to make finding lashes and brows easier for the ladies with alopecia, alternatives that look and feel good and are customised for your style. 

So, why are false lashes great for Alopecia?

  • They are affordable when compared to other treatments
  • Easy to find your own style with so many options
  • They make you feel amazing! Beaming with confidence
  • Expressive! Different styles for different moods

Magnetic or Magic?

You will love either of our liners to get stunning lashes with Alopecia. Both of them work amazingly if you don't have natural lashes, and will give you between 12-16 hours of weatherproof wear.
  • Magnetic is best for heavily hooded eyes, comes only in black
  • Magnetic applies with a liquid & a brush
  • Magic is fantastic for kids and comes in brown & clear as well as black
  • Magic applies easily to the lid with a felt tip pen

These really are the Best False Eyelashes for Alopecia, because the adhesives allow you to get lash application done in seconds. So you can get done with your day and avoid the lash struggle. 

What Styles are best?

Styles are 100% personal, so I really recommend playing around to find the Best False Eyelashes for you, however most ladies that I chat to who have Alopecia want to have natural styles that will suit their features. 

These are my absolute top picks, they are super natural and they'll allow you to get started with your lash journey & feel confident. 


  • Rhonda - I specifically designed this for a friend who has been through her own hair loss journey. It is a classic lash with the perfect volume, length and curl for a classy and natural look. 

  • Emily - This lash is another classic with a dense but short volume, the lashes are longer in the center which creates a gorgeous open eye look. Super natural looking, it will be hard to tell your lashes are not your own!


  • Bonita - A perfect flared end lash with medium length and volume. This lash has a beautiful curl. It is natural with a very feminine appearance. 

  • Ivy - Classic round shape that gives an open eye effect, absolute wonder for hooded eyes, natural in appearance. 

You can expect a long lasting application with these lashes, and no matter which application method you choose, after a few wears you'll be so good at applying your lashes you'll be able to do it from anywhere. 

I hope that gives you some insight into the best false eyelashes for Alopecia. I wish you nothing but the best for your journey. If you would like to reach out to me personally for a chat or personal lash recommendation, you are most welcome to send me a message on Facebook or via the Contact us page. 

As always, much Love!


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