Magnetic Liquid Liner Do's & Don'ts


There's no doubt that our liner offers the strongest bond, but if you really want to see our liner perform at it best, you'll love these tips. 


  • Shake the bottle before you apply your liner so that the magnetic particles can distribute evenly throughout the liner.
  • Twirl the brush on the inside-top of the bottle, this will get all of the excess off without making a mess. Removing the excess helps you get a precise application.
  • Use a clean Q tip to clean off any mistakes while the liner is wet. A tiny bit of our cleansing oil will help to remove any liner if it is slightly dry.
  • Apply extra liner on the inner and outer corners if you are worried about them dislodging (with proper application they will stay put!)
  • Allow the liner to get tacky before applying your lashes. 


      • Apply the lashes where there isn't enough liner, they will come off.
      • Apply the lashes to totally wet liner, it should be tacky. This allows the magnetic particles to form a lasting base and set your lashes in place.
      • Wait for the liner to dry completely, this will remove the bonding component of the process and you'll find your lashes won't stick.
      • Give up. We know our liner works, and we want to see you enjoy your new lashes. If you have any trouble at all, you can contact our team and we will help you set it right. 


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