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Photo of Witchy Lashes Founder and Director, Marcha Van

The first time I was introduced to false lashes was when one of my best friends, Victoria was applying a set of lashes before going to a party. I watched her carefully glue and place her lashes. It was clear that she had been doing this for years! 

I asked her if she could apply lashes for me too and we spent what was probably the best part of 40 minutes applying mine for the first time. That was the day I fell in love with lashes, and simultaneously accepted the challenge of finding the perfect way to apply lashes!

Fast forward 7 years... I now spend my days running Witchy Lashes! A business that was born from my passion for lashes, and is fuelled by (let's be honest) coffee, late nights and the excitement of creating new and innovative products that you haven't yet seen!

You'll find hundreds of lash stores out there but I wanted to create a space where you can learn, have fun and shop at the same time. I've dedicated my time over the last 5 years to design custom lashes that actually work with your unique eye shape, to accentuate your features perfectly and also (importantly) apply easily. I'm so proud to also say that we have the largest lash collection in Australia!

I encourage you to check out our eye shape guide to find out more about your eyes and how best to accentuate for your shape. If you are looking for an adhesive then also stop by our liner comparison chart to find your best fit. Oh, and don't forget to sign up for our emails, you'll get an introductory offer and member only specials that are fantastic value.

I'm so excited for you to find lashes that bring new life to your make-up styles, and as I always tell anyone that will listen... Lashes are like shoes, you can never have too many pairs!

Enjoy your shopping experience with Witchy Lashes!

Much Love, 
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