Magic Lash Application

    • Never use oil to clean your lashes, they'll fall apart!
    • Avoid using an oil based mascara as oil can transfer to your falsies

    Before application:
      • Ensure there is no oil or oil based products on your eye, this will give you the best hold time.
      • This liner does not stick to oily lids, so if you have naturally oily lids, you must clean them and dry them before application. You can also apply some translucent powder for best results.

        Lash Preparation:

        • Measure your lashes & trim them, they should be slightly shorter than your lid for a flawless & comfortable application. 

        Application - Natural Make-up

        1. Shake your adhesive lash pen! 

        2. Apply the pen like eyeliner. Add a touch more liner to the inner and outer corners for extra hold.

        3. Apply starting in the middle of your lid, then lightly press along the lash line to secure the lashes. Adjust as needed. Touch up with pen if required.

        4. Remember to wipe your lash adhesive pen with a make-up remover wipe to keep it fresh. 

        5.  For lashes with our Super thin bands, you can also apply some liner to the lash band itself if you are having trouble with placement. 


        Application - Heavy Makeup

        1. Shake your pen well! 

        2. Apply your adhesive pen eyeliner to the false lash band and place the lash (starting with middle) on your lash line. With our unique adhesive formula, there is no waiting time & you'll be able to reposition the lash until you get it perfect!

        3.  Press down on the lash band to set them. Touch up with pen if needed.

        4. Remember to wipe your lash adhesive pen with a make-up remover wipe to keep it fresh. 

        Step 3 - Removal

        1. Removal is easy & safe, no lashes lost here! Simply grab your lashes from the inner corner and gently pull them away. 

        2. We recommend our Melt Off make-up balm for an effortless removal. Micellar water also works well.

        3. Place your lashes back into their tray to retain shape. No clunky glue means that they're ready to wear again!

        4. Clean the tip of your adhesive pen regularly. You can easily do this with a make-up wipe. You can give your lashes a quick clean after 3 or 4 wears. Use a cotton bud & warm water. (Remember no oil, micellar water contains oil)

          Store your pen upside down to keep fluid running to the tip. Always shake well before use! 

        Follow this guide and you'll have a flawless application every time, and lashes that last you well over 30 wears!