Lash Do's & Don'ts

Getting 40 wears out of your lashes is easy if you look after them with care. These are our best tips for keeping your lashes in tip-top shape. Your lashes are made from the finest materials, which means you are left with lashes that look fluffy and keep their shape, but like with anything in life, they also need a little attention from time to time.


  • Apply your mascara before you apply your lashes to keep them cleaner for longer.
  • Clean your lashes every so-often with our Witchy Cleaning method. You can find more info at the bottom of this page.
  • Pop your lashes back in their case after you wore them (even if they are a little dirty...)


    • Use oil or any make-up removers on your lashes
    • Submerge your lashes in water for long periods of time

      If you look after your lashes, they will look after you. Check out our Witchy Cleaning method here. You can also read more about what our lashes are made from here.

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