Magnetic vs Adhesive




Our Magnetic Liner comes in Liquid and Pen form for easy application. It contains Iron Oxides (also found in Mascara and Eyeshadows) that allows the magnets on our lashes to attract to the liner. No fiddling with placement. 

💜 Black Only
💜 Perfect for Oily Skin
💜 Lasts for 12-18 Hours
💜 Re-use lashes up to 40 Times

Magnetic Duo Pen can be used with any type of non-magnetic adhesive lash as well. Making it a truly versatile liner. 


Our Pen Adhesive Liner is a fantastic option if you wear lashes every day. It is hypo-allergenic and contains none of the chemicals found in traditional lash glue.

💗 3 Colours Including Clear
💗 Lasts for 10-12 Hours
💗 Re-use lashes up to 30 times

This pen is not made for Magnetic lashes but you'll love wearing our Fauxies range with it!



Introducing Our Newest Innovation.

Our Magnetic Liner now comes in pen form! You can enjoy easy liner application and instant lash attraction. This liner can also be used with our adhesive lashes. 




For a limited time, you can grab this baby with an introductory discount.