How to trim Magnetic Lashes

Observe your eyes and decide on the type of fit you would like. Placing a lash more to the otter corner of your eye can create a lifted look or balance close set eyes. Similarly, if you have wide set eyes, placing your lashes where your natural lashes start can even out your features.



Using a lash applicator, hold the lash in place over your lid. Move it around to find the perfect fit and using your finger, pinch the bit you would like to trim off. Note that you can trim from the inner or outer corners, depending on your preference for volume. There is no wrong way. 



Trim away the excess, being careful not to trim any hairs (watch our video). If you are trimming magnetic lashes, trim as close to the next magnet on the lash band as possible. We recommend using lash scissors. Shop them here.



You're ready to pop-on your trimmed lashes! Use a lash applicator to help control your application and to get as close to your lash line as possible. Shop applicator here.