Applying Your Magnetic Lashes

Application is easy with our step by step guide.
Follow these instructions for the perfect application every time! 


apply magneticey elashes


Create your look and ensure there is no oil on your eyes, face creams with oil should be avoided.


Cut magnetic lashes


Measure your lash and cut to fit your eye. It is best to cut as close to the magnet as possible so that the outside corner is magnetised.


Apply magnetic eyeliner


Do the shake dance with your liner to ensure the magnetic particles are evenly distributed. Apply liner starting from the middle of your eye to the outside corner. Any mistakes made in the middle can be easily hidden once your lash is applied. 


Apply magnetic eyeliner inner corner


 Now line from the middle to the inside eye. Try two coats for an extra strength hold.


Apply magnetic lashes to magnetic eyeliner


Wait for the liner to dry 80-90% & clip your lashes in to place. Don't apply the lashes when the liner is still completely wet, the magnetic particles need to set!


show us your witchy lashes magnetic lashes

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Prefer to watch how it's done?


Cutting your Lashes


Applying your Liner

As long as you have enough liner on your lid for the lash to stick to, you can apply only one coat. Wait for the liner to dry before you apply your lashes.

One of our Witchy customers decided to create an application video for us and we love it! You can watch it right here: