Frequently Asked Questions


Hey Gorgeous! We've put together a list of our most commonly asked questions for you. Check them out below, if you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can get in touch at the end of this page.



What is the difference between Magnetic Lashes and Magic Lashes?

Our Magnetic Lashes apply using our unique Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula. The formula contains iron oxides (a commonly used ingredient in mascara's and eyeliners) that attract the nano magnets on our Magnetic Lashes, so the application process is somewhat automated. Our liner is also the first Magnetic Liner to market that contains a bonding agent that completely dries, so there is no tackiness after the liner sets. 

Our Magic Liner is a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows you to apply your lashes with no magnets needed. This formula requires zero dry time and allows you to re-adjust your lashes easily for a hassle free application.

Both of our liners are allergy friendly, and contain no latex or strong glue compounds found in regular lash glue. Our liners keep your natural lashes looking strong and healthy!


1) The Magic Liner uses no magnets and can be applied with any lashes.
2) Our Magic Liner comes in Clear and Black, and the Magnetic in black only.
3) Our Magic Liner works with any lash (without magnets) & the magnetic liner works only with magnetic lashes.
4) The Magnetic Liner helps you position the lash, but it is a manual process with the Magic Liner. You do have the chance to adjust with both formulas. 

Shop our Magic Range Here and our Magnetic Range Here.

Which Lashes will suit me?

Finding lashes that suit your eye shape is super easy with Witchy Lashes.

If you already know your eye shape, grab a few sets to add to your collection from our eye shape bundles collection.

Don't know your eye shape? not a worry! Check out our Eye Shape Page here to find out what eye shape you have and which lashes will work best for you.

How long does delivery take?

Get your Witchy Lashes delivered in record time with our fast postage options! Order by 1pm AEST for same day dispatch on our priority services

Free standard shipping in Australia on orders over $75 & $150 for international.

Australia Wide Free Shipping Delivered in 1-7days*
Express Delivered in 1-3 Days*
Priority Express (ordered before 1PM) Next Day*
International Standard Delivered in 5-18 Days*
International Express Delivered in 3-8 Days*


* Delivery and dispatch timeframes are estimates and can't be guaranteed, we always ship as fast as possible and only use the best transport services to ensure you have the best experience. The rest is up to the universe!

Do I apply my lashes after or before make-up?

We reccomend applying your lashes after the rest of your make-up for a polished look, but this really is up to your personal preference. There is no wrong way!

Can I shop by lash size?

Choosing lashes can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be! We have made it easy by categorising our lashes by size.

Daily Lashes - Can be worn every day & have minimal length and volume for a very natural, day time look. Choose whichever style feels nicest for you, they all look gorgeous!

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Semi-Dramatic Lashes - Are made for those who like fuller sets & those who are looking for a party lash. Lashes for Weddings & late night events can be found here.

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Accent Lashes - Looking for a little lash? These lashes only cover 3/4 of your lid, blend them with some mascara for a gorgeous & natural finish.

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Looking for Magic Accent lashes? It's super easy to create your own, simply cut any of our Magic styles in half and you'll have a perfect set of Accent lashes.

All your lash questions answered


Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Yes! Our micro magnets have tiny magnetic fields and they do not cause disruption to your vision. 

Some Optometrists recommend Magnetic Lashes specifically because it is safer than the harsh glue in most lash adhesives. 
See more here

Are the ingredients toxic to your eye?

Dr. Rupa Wong is a board certified ophthalmologist, who specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. She answers this question for us:

"Iron oxides are mineral deposits and can cause staining of the skin. However, it is in a variety of make up and skin care products (eye shadows and normal eyeliners) and is regulated by the FDA. The iron oxide in the magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn’t have ferrous or ferric oxides."

Iron oxides are approved by NICNAS (Australian Governing Body of Chemicals in Cosmetics) and Witchy Lashes is Registered through this body. 

Shop our Magnetic Range Here.

Can I wear Magnetic Lashes with no natural lashes?

Yes! If you have no natural lashes you can wear both our Magnetic Lashes and our Magic Lashes.

How long do magnetic lashes last?

Enjoy your lash application for 12-18 hours. You can increase your hold time for the magnetic lashes from 12 to 18 hours by combining the liner with our lash anchors for an extra strong hold.

The lashes are high quality and will last you for more than 30 wears, as long as you clean them and pop them back in their case after every use.

Never use oil or make-up removers on your lashes as these products can cause your lashes to shed.

Can I trim my Magnetic Lashes?

Observe your eyes and decide on the type of fit you would like. Placing a lash more to the otter corner of your eye can create a lifted look or balance close set eyes. Similarly, if you have wide set eyes, placing your lashes where your natural lashes start can even out your features.



Using a lash applicator, hold the lash in place over your lid. Move it around to find the perfect fit and using your finger, pinch the bit you would like to trim off. Note that you can trim from the inner or outer corners, depending on your preference for volume. There is no wrong way. 



Trim away the excess, being careful not to trim any hairs (watch our video). If you are trimming magnetic lashes, trim as close to the next magnet on the lash band as possible. We recommend using lash scissors. Shop them here.



You're ready to pop-on your trimmed lashes! Use a lash applicator to help control your application and to get as close to your lash line as possible. Shop applicator here.

Are these products ok for sensitive skin?

Yes! Our products do not contain any of the allergens (like Latex) that are found in traditional glues. You will love the gentle nature of our formula's.

No one can ever guarantee that a product will be good for your skin, as every individual reacts differently, but we have had fantastic reviews on the product from people who have sensitive skin.

Are Magnetic Lashes Heavy

Some magnetic lash brands may use low quality material when crafting their lashes, which gives a bulkier feel. Witchy Lashes have been designed using quality micro-magnetic technology so that they are light to wear.

Are magnetic lashes waterproof?

Your WitchyLashes are completely waterproof, try them out in the shower, we dare you ;-) We do recommend investing in some waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara if you would like to capitalize on this feature. 

Can I buy magnetic lashes in a store?

Witchy Lashes Wholesales to some botiques and we would love to stock our products in a location close to you. Do you have a favourite lash salon, hairdresser or botique? Why not get in touch with them and ask them to stock Witchy Lashes!

Use the contact form below if you would like for us to contact them directly.

Please include the store information for us to reach out.

Are magnetic lashes easy to use?

They are really easy to use when following our application instructions, and practice always makes perfect. Grab yourself a pair of WitchyLashes and try it for yourself by following our application steps. 

How do magnetic lashes work?

Witchy Lashes Magnetic Lashes apply using a Magnetic Liquid Liner and our special Nano-magnet lashes.

The eyeliner contains magnetic particles and a bonding agent. Once your liner is applied the magnetic lashes will attract to the liner, and our special bonding agents will secure your lashes for an all day hold.

How do you remove your magnetic lashes?

There's no need to cast spells to remove your magnetic lashes! Removal is quick and painless, and will leave your natural lashes in great condition. 


Removing the Lashes

Starting from the inner corner, lift the lash and gently pull it away from your lid. Pop the lashes back in their case. 


Removing the Liner

Removal for the liner will differ depending on the remover that you are using. For our Magnetic Range we highly recommend using our new Cleansing Balm. You can also use our Soak Off Oil


Cleansing Balm

Pop open the tin and rub some of the product onto your fingers, make sure you grab a good amount of product. Rub it over your eye area, applying light pressure over your liner and between your lashes. 

Grab a warm face cloth or make-up remover pad, and remove the product. Your liner and eye-makeup should be completely removed. 

Cleansing Soak Off Oil

This is a natural remover with no added chemicals. To remove your liner, you will have to allow some time for soaking. Apply one squirt of the product onto each eye and gently rub over the liner and between your lashes. 

Allow the oil to sit for 5 mins, then gently rub over the liner with your finger tips to dislodge. 

You can now use any gentle cleanser to remove the residue and liner. This oil leaves your lashes feeling nourished and your skin feeling perfectly moisturised. 

How do I clean my magnetic lashes?

alternative view

Have a look at how Marcha easily and quickly cleans her lashes, leaving them looking sparkling new for their next day out. 

What magnetic lashes are the best?

WitchyLashes of course! Ok, so maybe it's a biased opinion but we have spent years selecting the best quality materials for our lashes. The materials are made to last, and they give you a natural look.

You can compare WitchyLashes for yourself by looking at the tips of the lashes. A good quality magnetic lash will look natural, tapering at the end and becoming a very fine bristle.

Also note that some lashes are made from mink fur... We prefer cuddling animals, not wearing them, so Witchy Lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. You won't regret buying a pair of Witchy Lashes for these reasons!

I have small eyes, can I use magnetic lashes?

Yes! Check out our lash comparison chart here. Select from the lashes that are shorter in length, they will be more proportionate to your features.

You can wear the larger lashes! They will look more dramatic on your smaller features, but if you love the drama then that will be perfect for you.

Is the Magnetic Eyeliner Tacky?

Our liner is tacky while it is wet, but once the liner has completely dried there is Zero tackiness! You will love this if you have tried other brands and don't enjoy the tacky feeling.

Can kids use Magnetic Lashes?

Children may use our magnetic lashes, but for ease of use and removal we highly reccomend our Magic Range for kids.

Application is easy and our formulas are gentle on sensitive skin,



What's the most popular Lash Styles?

Our best sellers in the Fauxies (pink) range are:

Elle, Bonita & Ivy. You can grab all 3 in a kit with all you need to apply them here.

How long does application last?

Application for our Magic Range lasts for 8-12 hours.

It is the strongest adhesive liner on the market, and it applies smoothly. If you would like an extra secure application, apply 2-3 coats of the liner. This is not neccecary for daily application but allows some extra security for occassions where you feel you need it.

Can I use Magnetic Lashes with the Magic Liner?

Yes! You can use our Magnetic Range with the Magic liner, however the hold time may not be the same.

This will vary based on your eye shape, so grab a liner and test it. We reccomend applying 2-3 coats of the Magic Liner if you would like to use it with your Magnetic Lashes.

Can I wear Magic Lashes without any natural lashes?

Yes! If you have no natural lashes you can wear both our Magnetic Lashes and our Magic Lashes.

Can kids use these lashes?

Yes! Our liners are hypo-allergenic and gentle on skin.

Does the liner contain Latex?

Nope! All of our Magnetic and Magic Liners are Latex free, and they do not contain common glue compounds so they are allergy friendly.

Can I create my own Bundle?

Yes! Simply add the lashes you love to your cart and add any Magic Liner. You'll receive an instant in-cart discount.

Can I use any lashes with Witchy Lashes Magic Liner?

Yes, you can use any type of lashes with our Magic Liner. It really is a fantastic product. Do keep in mind that our application times have been tested with our own lashes, so your results may differ if you use lashes from a different brand.

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