Glasses Bundle - Magnetic

Our top lashes for wearing with your glasses.

Get effortlessly beautiful lashes in minutes, without harming your natural lashes.


"Witchy lashes are a dream. I love them. Easy, beautiful and so affordable." -Katherine R.

Why you'll love Witchy Lashes:

  • Easy application
  • Done in minutes, not hours!
  • Consistent results, every time
  • Strong Vegan Formula lasts for over 16 hours
  • Tiny Micro magnets optimised for comfort
  • Feather-light lashes
  • Over 40 wears per pair


This set has it all! Perfectly accentuate your eyes under your specs with this range of diverse lashes.

These lashes have been selected for daily wear and all have minimal volume and length, so if you love your lashes looking more natural then these sets are your new besties!  Their shapes are very different and they look gorgeous on all eye shapes so you can easily fall in love. You'll get this bundle with an amazing discount. 

If you have deep-set eyes, check out the bottom of this page, you can wear larger lashes under your glasses and we have a bundle just for you!



Has a gorgeous length and curl which gives a wispy effect, perfect for dates and playful wear. 



Prim and proper, this lash is perfect to look put together at the office. Adds a small amount of volume and beautifully shapes your lashes for a put-together look. 



The extra curl in this lash gives you a fresh lash lift look, instantly opening the eyes and giving you an awake appearance on those days you most need it. Minimal volume & suitable for all occasions.



Apply this lash with even less effort and be comfy all day long. A Petite flared end with a tight curl will give you a prim and proper cat-eye look. 

This bundle contains all 4 of these magnetic lash sets, magnetic liner not included. Simply add a complete liner bundle from the drop-down options below for the perfect application. 


If you have deep-set eyes and you like wearing lashes with your glasses, try our Deep-set Magnetic Lash Bundle. Click here to access it


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"I've tried so many brands that did not work, these were so easy to apply! LOVE LOVE ❤️" - Hannah P.

is it Safe?

Yes! Our liner is 100% safe. Check out our FAQ page for more info.


What's in our liner?

 These are the ingredients that you will find in our Witchy Lashes Magnetic Liner. They are all approved for safe use in cosmetic products.


Iron oxide, Isododecane, Silicic acid, Trisiloxane, Urea (non-animal source), Phenylglycol ether

The World's Best Magnetic Liner

16 Hours or More - Formulated by an expert cosmetic chemist, our liner was made to stay for over 16 hours. Rain & Humidity are no match for its staying power, & it is splash proof!

No Allergens - our Magnetic Liner contains no latex or acrylates, so if you have sensitive skin or have had a reaction to lash glue in the past, you'll be satisfied to know our liner is suitable for you.

Vegan & Cruelty Free - All ingredients are made from the highest quality non-animal sources.

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