A guide to choosing your perfect lashes

Expressing yourself should be fun, but with so many questionable choices out there it can seem overwhelming. We have dedicated ourselves to the persuit of the perfect lash, and with research in mind, we have specially designed lashes that flatter you, in your own persuit of self-expression. If you're selecting your first set of lashes it's good to keep in mind that size is the most important factor at play. Too small and you won't be satisfied, too long and you'll feel out of depth. This guide helps you find the perfect first lash, and gives you handy tips to make sense of uncharted territory.





If you have small features keep in mind that lashes will look larger on you. Selecting lashes from the Magnetic Accents and Magnetic Everyday Range, that create shape will leave you feeling naturally beautiful. 

If your proportions are petite, look at shorter lashes with C & D curls for beautiful accentuation. The Sarah & Bec Lashes are both great for petite features. Oh! and if you like them a little more dramatic, we have a range of Semi-Dramatic Magnetic Lashes that you'll love.





You are blessed with options! Larger eyes can get away with most things when it comes to lashes. Try out dramatic styles if you like length, and experiment with shapes

Proportionally, smaller lashes like those from the Everyday Range will look very minimal on you. If you'd like a natural looking lash that gives you volume and shape, you could opt for our Limited Edition - Bella Magnetic Lash or our Maggie Magnetic Lash





Time to accentuate...

There's no hard and fast rules for you, a world of exploration awaits!


Accent & Everyday Lashes - are on the more natural side.   


   Semi-Dramatic Lashes - are great for those who love bigger lashes.


   Dramatic Lashes - are great if you love lashes bigger than life.


 Now that you know how to find your perfect lash, which one will you choose?


Remember to grab your Magnetic Liner & Soak Off Oil with your lashes. 




If you'd like any assistance you are welcome to contact our friendly team for a recommendation.