Dramatic Starter Kit - Magnetic

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Get effortlessly beautiful lashes in minutes, without harming your natural lashes.


"Finally found lashes that are Super easy to apply, even for a beginner like me! The lashes hold all day, very happy!" -Monica U.

Why you'll love Witchy Lashes:

  • Easy application
  • Done in minutes, not hours!
  • Consistent results, every time
  • Strong Vegan Formula lasts for over 16 hours
  • Tiny Micro magnets optimised for comfort
  • Feather-light lashes
  • Over 40 wears per pair 


Choose from any of our signature sets:



Get that instant wow factor with our newest Lucy Lash. Bold and voluminous with a gorgeous flared end. This lash will elevate any look, and the softness that she creates is unexpectedly beautiful. 

Lash Length: Shortest length - 7mm, Longest - 17mm



Love a full volume lash? The Annick lash is our boldest, most dramatic lash! Hand Crafted from 3 layers of lashes with tapered ends, so the hairs look thick, soft and whispy. You can draw the right kind of lash attention with Annick.

Lash Length: Shortest length - 8mm, Longest - 14mm



Adds length and creates a wispy look, subtle on the volume. If you love long lashes you can wear this lash daily, it is also fantastic for evening settings.

Lash Length: Shortest length - 13mm, Longest - 13mm



We love the Sarah lash for her defined curl and petite-like length; she is the perfect accessory for adding just a dash of magic to your already gorgeous lashes.

Lash Length: Shortest length - 6mm, Longest - 11mm



Our most popular daytime lash offers a good amount of length and lift! Her curly flared ends give a ladylike look that you can enjoy every day. This is the ultimate lash for both comfort and style. 

Lash Length: Shortest length - 6mm, Longest - 9mm



Maggie is the ultimate classic lash. The medium volumed crisscrossed fibers and winged shape make her timeless. This is a great lash for photo shoots, weddings, and events where you prefer looking modestly dressed up.

Lash Length: Shortest length - 7mm, Longest - 13mm


This kit includes:

  • Magnetic Lashes
  • Magnetic Liquid liner
  • Liner Soak off Oil (for use on eyes only)


Why you'll love these:

  • Consistent Results
  • Vegan Formula that lasts over 16 hours
  • Micro magnets that are optimized for comfort
  • High Quality & over 40 wears



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