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Cleansing Oil

To remove our long-lasting Magnetic Liner we have developed a natural oil that will maintain the health of your lashes and skin. If you plan on wearing your magnetic lashes daily, you will fall in love with the dewy residue, your skin will thank you.

This oil comes in a handy 5ml travel-sized bottle, suitable for 5-10 removals. If you're planning to wear your lashes often, be sure to double up. 

We have two variations of cleansing oil. Our Egyptian Geranium Rose Cleansing oil contains the purest Geranium Rose oil, imported from Egypt. It has a delightful floral smell and it is said to have been used by Egyptians through the ages to beautify the skin.

Our Sensitive Cleansing Oil Contains the same high-quality Olive Oil Blend, without the pure Geranium oil. If you know that you have sensitive skin, you'll be covered with this gentle oil. 

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Our Oils are Vegan & Cruelty-free


What's in it?

Sensitive Cleansing Oil - Australian Olive Oil Blend

Geranium Rose Oil - Australian Olive Oil & Egyptian Geranium Rose oil Blend

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"I've tried so many brands that did not work, these were so easy to apply! LOVE LOVE ❤️" - Hannah P.

is it Safe?

Yes! Our liner is 100% safe. Check out our FAQ page for more info.


What's in our liner?

 These are the ingredients that you will find in our Witchy Lashes Magnetic Liner. They are all approved for safe use in cosmetic products.


Iron oxide, Isododecane, Silicic acid, Trisiloxane, Urea (non-animal source), Phenylglycol ether

The World's Best Magnetic Liner

16 Hours or More - Formulated by an expert cosmetic chemist, our liner was made to stay for over 16 hours. Rain & Humidity are no match for its staying power, & it is splash proof!

No Allergens - our Magnetic Liner contains no latex or acrylates, so if you have sensitive skin or have had a reaction to lash glue in the past, you'll be satisfied to know our liner is suitable for you.

Vegan & Cruelty Free - All ingredients are made from the highest quality non-animal sources.

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