Swiftie Style: Recreate Taylor Swift's Flared Lash Aesthetic

Swiftie Style: Recreate Taylor Swift's Flared Lash Aesthetic

In the dazzling world of Taylor Swift, where her music reigns supreme, her almond-shaped eyes steal the spotlight with an allure that's impossible to ignore. As Swifties around the globe eagerly follow her journey on the "Era's Tour," one element of Taylor's captivating look stands out – her enchanting lashes. With smaller almond eyes, Taylor effortlessly embraces the beauty of flared lashes, creating a magnetic gaze that Swifties worldwide adore.


Unlocking the Flared Lash Secret

The magic lies in flared end lashes, a style that perfectly complements Taylor's almond-shaped eyes. Characterized by shorter lashes on the inner corners and a gradual increase towards the outer corners, this style enhances the natural almond shape, providing an elegant lift that Taylor effortlessly showcases on every red carpet and concert stage.


DIY Taylor's Eye-catching Look with Our Flared Magnetic Box Set

For every Swiftie dreaming of capturing Taylor's lash style at home, our Flared Magnetic Box Set brings the dream to life. Three carefully curated lashes await, each designed to channel Taylor's signature allure effortlessly.


Recreate Taylor Swift Make-up look


1. Kiona - Classic Elegance for Everyday Glam

  • Medium length with dense volume and a stunning curl.
  • Defines the eyes and provides a gorgeous side profile.
  • Ideal for drama without excessive length – the epitome of a classic lash extension look.

Kiona Taylor Swift Almond Eye Lashes


2. Jill - Balanced Chic for Day to Night Wear

  • Less volume on the inner corners, more on the outer corners.
  • Perfect for those with smaller eyes, instantly creating balance.
  • Medium length with a relaxed curl – transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Jill Taylor Swift Almond Eye Lashes


3. Abigail - Wispy Delight for a Soft, Defined Look

  • Crafted for a wispy appearance that defines and softens the eyes.
  • Ideal for smokey eye looks, adding life to the entire look.

Abigail Taylor Swift Almond Eye Lash Look+

Swiftie Style at Your Fingertips

As we delve into the enchanting world of Swifties, we discover a community bound not just by Taylor's music but by an appreciation for her authentic style. Swifties love the intricacies of Taylor's beauty choices, and our Flared Magnetic Box Set is your ticket to embracing a touch of Taylor's allure in the comfort of your home.

Steps to Swiftie Glamour:

  1. Explore the Collection: Dive into our Flared Magnetic Box Set and discover lashes inspired by Taylor's timeless elegance.
  2. Shop: Whether you crave classic elegance, balanced chic, or wispy delight, there's a lash for every Swiftie in our collection.
  3. DIY Glam Session: Recreate Taylor's signature look with a DIY session at home, embracing the enchantment of flared lashes.


Join us in embracing the enchantment of Taylor's style. Let your lashes tell a story as captivating as Taylor's music, and remember, with the right lashes, you're ready to conquer the world – your way, just like Taylor.

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