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Deep-Set Eye Bible

Perhaps you already know that you have deep-set eyes, or you would like to find out. Either way, this is the right page for you. Here you will find our finest tips and tricks for deep set eyes including:

  • How to know if you have deep set eyes
  • What lash shapes will best suit your deep-set eyes
  • How to choose comfortable lashes for your deep-set eyes
  • Choosing the right lashes for your glasses
  • Lash Recommendations for your deep-set eyes

This guide was created for you, to give you the info that you need to take back your power when it comes to accentuating your eyes. Let's get started!


Do you have deep-set eyes?

Deep-set eyes refer to eyes that are set back into your skull, rather than eyes that are bulging or otherwise known as protruding. We measure this by looking at your side profile, then checking the distance between your eye and the bridge of your nose.

You can also have evenly set eyes, which means that your eyes are not deep-set nor protruding, but rather somewhere in the middle. If this is the case for you, check out our evenly set guide here.

Now for the golden moment, check out the chart below and determine how your eyes are set:

Deep-set eye identification chart. Measure the space between the bridge of your nose and the tip of your eye, then compare it to this chart to find out if you have deep-set, evenly-set or protruding eyes. Chart courtesy of Witchy Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes and is copyrighted for use.

Have you got deep-set eyes? Awesome, keep reading below to find out more about your eye shape. If you have evenly set or protruding eyes, check out the below guides for more information on your eye shape. 
Evenly Set Eyes, Protruding Eyes

What lash shapes will best suit your deep-set eyes


Lashes that are too short, 8-10mm may not give you the effect that you prefer, as they can often get lost underneath your prominent brow bone. Longer Lengths will help you attain a gorgeously lashed effect. 


Look for lashes that concentrate the length toward the center of your eye, with shorter lengths on the inner and outer corners. This will give you a stunning open-eye effect that will help your features appear more lifted and natural.


How to choose comfortable lashes for your deep-set eyes

Comfort is a must have factor when it comes to wearing lashes, especially if you would like them to stay on all day and feel natural. Often times ladies who have deep set eyes also have a more prominent brow bone. Because the space can be limited between your brow bone and your lashes, choosing a set of lashes with the right curl is important to avoid rubbing.


Lashes with shorter length and strong curls can look & feel unnatural when you have deep-set eyes. Instead, opt for looser curls like J curls and B curls when selecting shorter styles. If selecting a longer style you can opt for a C curl as well. All of our lashes have curl types listed on their pages, so you can easily compare them. You can also easily shop for lashes that will suit your eyes, without the technical info, from our Deep-set Eye Collection here or at the bottom of this page.


Choosing the right lashes for your glasses

Selecting lashes to go with glasses is easy when you have deep set eyes, and you are definitely among the lucky ones! Length rarely plays a factor in your selection because your lashes naturally sit further back from your frames. 

Check out the lengths on your favourite lashes (all of our lashes have measurements included on the page) and estimate the gap between your lenses and your lids. Remember to check both eyes, as they may be slightly different. Select a lash length that is 1-2mm shorter than this length for the perfect fit.


Lash Recommendations for your deep-set eyes


Now that you have all of the technical information on what types of lashes will suit your eyes, allow us to take the guess work out of it for you! Check out the deep set lash collection below where you can find single lash sets and lash bundles in both our Magnetic and Adhesive ranges. These lashes are all curated based on the information contained in our deep-set lash bible, so you can shop with the utmost confidence!

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