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False Lashes & Extensions

Lash extensions can be both a blessing and a curse. When those lashes start dropping right before your next infill is scheduled, you're likely praying for a saving grace! 

Falsies sound like a great quick fix, but using the wrong type can result in you having to fork out for a full set due to further lash loss. This is because the adhesive is often harsh on your lashes and can pull them out or leave clumps of lashes stuck together with glue.

Magnetic lashes may not contain the glue, but wearing them can cause build up that can also be hard to remove and can reduce the life of your lash job. 

So, while it is a no-no to use most falsies with lash extensions you'll be glad to know that there are some exceptions to the rule.

I've developed an easy to apply range of lashes that are safe to wear over your extensions, and they last all day long! The adhesive is pressure sensitive, and doesn't contain any oils (which will cause lash fall) or harmful glues. It's easy to remove with your lash-tech recommended cleanser and you will absolutely love the way these transform your eyes. 

Not only can you cover up the fall out and reduce further loss, you can try on a pretty new style or two! For best results, grab a starter kit with our New Pen adhesive in black or clear.


Wishing you gorgeous lashes, always!



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