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False Lashes for Mature Eyes

Mature Eyes? Here’s how to choose your lashes

After 50, we start feeling a bit different with our bodies. So many changes are happening, and we are getting to know a new physical version of ourselves. It is a chance to embrace a new era of ourselves, and what better way to accentuate this new version of ourselves than with some lashes to refresh and brighten our looks.

Selecting false lashes for mature eyes can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t delved into the world of lashes before. But selecting a lash that is suitable for your features will make the world of difference when it comes to looking beautiful and age appropriate. Here are some aspects to consider:



Start small and work your way into larger styles. Lashes that have medium volume and shorter length will accentuate mature eyes beautifully and allow you to get comfortable with wearing lashes.



As a fair skin and light-haired woman, I prefer blending my lashes with a black liner and cover with some brown shadow. This frames my lashes and blends them perfectly for a more natural look.

If you have darker hair and skin you may enjoy the look of a black liner on its own.

Try using a liner brush to get a perfect line.



When you are attending events that allow for a more intense make-up look, don’t be shy to add a set of lashes with a bit more volume. When adding volume with a lash you can intensify a look while still looking age appropriate. My two favourite event false lashes for mature eyes are Cassie and Helena.


Application Type

If lash glue isn’t your friend, consider a magnetic option. It is important to steer away from a pressure sensitive adhesive, as these adhesives remain tacky throughout the day and can cause discomfort for mature skin.

There’s no doubt that a good set of lashes can help us look well groomed and refined.

Why not experiment to find the best look for yourself? Don’t be shy to try different styles, liner colours and make-up looks to find something that you’ll love and will feel confident wearing. Not sure where to start? Check out our Mature Magnetic Bundle. Now, choosing False Lashes for Mature Eyes is easy!

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