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How to Look Natural with Lashes

Everyone is wearing lashes these days, when you visit any shopping centre you will count at least 50% of the women you see wearing a set of lashes. Some of them are lightly accentuated and others are bold and in your face! But there is no doubt that we love the confidence boost that a good set of lashes can provide. 

If you are making the move to wearing lashes, no doubt, your biggest fear is looking and feeling out of place. This doesn't need to be the case, I've put together a few tips to help you feel confident without feeling overdone. 

1. Appropriate Size

Begin by selecting the smaller styles, you will find they give you some accentuation without adding drama. This can get you used to wearing lashes, and you'll feel more put together and confident. You can also easily wear these for any and all occasions. 

2. The Right Fit

Feeling comfortable has a lot to do with the style you are choosing. If your natural lashes touch your brows or browbone, stay away from curly lashes and go for something with a curve. This will feel so much more comfortable for you!

3. Lift or Snatch?

Do you feel like you need an eye-lift or would you prefer more of a cat eye look? This is important to consider. Lashes that flare at the end (longer at the end) will give you a cat-eye/snatched look, where as lashes that are an even length all across or larger in the centre will open your eye and give you a lifted/awake look. Perhaps choosing 1 pair of each type will give you some variety as well as room for exploration. 

Lashes are a personal choice, and just like with shoes, there is one pair for every occasion and outfit. Have fun with it, start with these tips and work to explore your options. I'm confident that you can create a lash collection that you will absolutely love. 

If you'd like a personal recommendation or you want to see how the lashes look on real life women, I invite you to join our Facebook Group. You can also check out all of our bundles for lash newbies here.


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