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Jada Smith's Oscars Lash Look

Jada had all eyes on her this year with one of the most controversial events in Oscar history. There is no doubt that this event has put the spotlight on Jada and other women who live with Alopecia. This is quite possibly the most attention that alopecia has ever garnered and what a fantastic opportunity for awareness it was.

While Jada may not have her natural hair, she certainly accentuated with eyelashes that suit her features and the occasion. When you take a closer look you'll realise how she's managed to delicately balance her look for the evening. Let's break down her lash style.


Jada decided to attend the event with no wig, to embrace her alopecia! Power move! So to balance not having hair on her head, she chose a pair of lashes with sparse volume, so that it would feel more natural. 


For an occasion like this some drama in your lashes is needed to balance the style! The size of her earrings and the depth of colour in her gown creates the space for her to wear something a little bit big, so she went big in the length of her lashes. 

Another factor that can be noted here is her skin tone, I feel it important to mention because it is an important factor when considering your lash choices. Because Jada has a darker tone skin, lashes are closer in colour to her than when compared with someone who has very fair skin. Therefore bigger lashes will blend beautifully, I often find when lashing ladies that have darker skin I can apply much larger lashes for them (I'll admit, I'm a little jealous!!). 


She chose lashes that are longer in the middle and shorter in the corners. This is one of my all time favourite tricks, it creates the Illusion of larger eyes and has the ability to really open up the eye space. This again helps create the balance for Jada's overall look. 

So, you can see how paying attention to these 3 factors can elevate your look. I would urge you to have a look at your own features and think about how you would style yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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As always, much love

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