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Magnetic vs Magic

There is no denying that Magnetic Lashes changed the lash industry forever. No longer do women face a steep learning curve to enjoy Hollywood Glam, and with even newer innovations like our Magic Adhesive, there really is an option to suit all. But how do you make the choice?

This is an honest comparison between these two common types of DIY lash systems. Working in the industry I see both the good and the bad, what women love and what they hate. **Disclaimer** it is hard to find a supplier who is honest about the bad bits. Why? Because it's not good for business. You won't find this information on a sales page, unless they're bagging out a competitor ;-)

Keep in mind that all products have things that you may like or dislike, and everyone is different, so what may be good for you may not suit another woman. This guide is meant to widen your perspective on both products so that your choice of which product to explore is a little easier. 


 Magnetic Magic (Pen)
Beginner Friendly


 If you are good at applying liquid liner, this is a 5 ⭐

 If you have great eyesight and some coordination, this is a 5⭐

Application Time  3-6 minutes  3-6 minutes
Ease Of Application

If you don't have experience with liquid eyeliner this does have a learning curve, you will need to spend some time perfecting the liner or invest in a liner brush that is easier to work with.

Application of the lash is an absolute breeze as it will simply pop into place with little to no adjustment required.  

No blending is required, the liner makes the lashes look natural on everyone. 

There is no drying time needed with this system, and with a felt tip pen, liner application is a total breeze. 

Applying the lash does require some coordination and possibly adjustment. Ease of placement is dependent on your skills, but the liner does make the process 100x easier than with an old-school glue. 

It is important to note that unless you have dark features, you will likely have to use a dark colour make-up or select a black liner in order to get a seamless look. As a blondie with fair skin, I can't pull off a set of lashes without some proper blending!


Witchy Lashes Magnetic Liner is uniquely formulated to last over 16+ hours without budging. Depending on the brand you are using application time can be from 2h - 12h. 

For ladies with very oily skin, this option will be better than adhesive options.

The market is filled with liners that advertise long lasting time, but I have personally tested more than 50+ types and the majority of them do not hold up to the claims. 

Finding a good quality liner is the key. Witchy Lashes liner lasts 12+ hours. If you have tested this and it didn't work for you, don't give up!

Water & Weather This depends on the brand, Witchy Lashes liner is 100% waterproof and will carry you through any type of weather. Not all magnetic liners are waterproof, they may only be water resistant.  Right now (Dec 2021) these products are all water-resistant, not water proof.
Allergies & Reactions Watch out for "acrylates" in the ingredients. If you are allergic to eyelash extensions you'll want to stay away from these ingredients. All of our products are hypo-allergenic and contain no latex, making them a good fit for sensitive skin. It is important to check ingredients before purchasing and to test your product on your inner elbow before using it. This applies for all products across all brands.  <- see left
Removal Our magnetic liner is 100% water proof and is best removed with oil based products and make-up removal. A soak is always better than a scrub. There is a learning curve with the removal process and patience is required. Once you've gotten used to the removal you can get them removed quickly and hassle free.  Removal is very easy, with a shower and some face wash you can remove the liner completely. 


I hope this has given you some clarity over the 2 systems and that you can now make the choice with a little more ease! If you do have any questions, get in touch, I'm always happy to answer them for you!

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