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New year, new Lashes!

Hello Beautiful, 

I am so excited for 2021, after a very turbulent 2020 it is time to take back control of our creative power and create a year that we'll love looking back on. 

For me, that starts with a new creation! As you may already know, I design lashes specifically tailored for Witchy Lashes, each lash is unique and they all have stories. I start by selecting someone from my life, a friend, a family member or someone that inspires me. Then, I work closely with them to create a lash that matches their personality and their features, it's a special experience that ends with a truly unique lash and a beautiful story to match. 

Today I am launching the new Monique lash, inspired by my eldest cousin. She lives on the other side of the world, in the USA, so while I couldn't fit this lash with her, I'm certain that I've captured her essence with this one...

The Monique lash was created to wear casually, it is light in volume and it creates a gorgeous side profile with it's longer length. The length is triple layered, so from the side the lash looks fluffy and dense, but from the front, this lash is nothing but classy. It features a slightly curved shape, so once applied these lashes look very minimalistic from the front. 

Slight curvature in a lash usually means that it's pretty perfect for a hooded eye, this is because the majority of the length is straight, so nothing pokes up into your brow bone, making it very comfortable to wear. The curve sits more towards the end of the lash, because the fibers are criss-crossed it creates a soft, wispy effect with minimal drama. 

The lash is really perfect for hooded and deep set eyes, and its rounded shape also makes it perfect for down-turned or more mature eyes. 

All in all this lash will accentuate all eye shapes that are normally difficult to shop for. It's light, comfortable and suitable for every day wear!

You can wear this lash with confidence to school pick-ups, dinner dates, movie nights, play dates and to work. 

I hope you enjoy this new creation, and may your 2021 be a prosperous one!







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