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Eyelashes for Smaller Eyes

If you are a petite build or you have smaller eyes, it can be challenging to select the right lashes. Whether you would like to shop from our Magnetic or Adhesive ranges, you can find the best lash tips for smaller eyes below.

Choose your volume

Do you like larger lashes or smaller lashes? This is something of a personal preference, and either way can be suited for smaller eyes. The trick is in selecting lashes that are proportionate to your eye size. 

  1. Minimal Volume

    Select lashes that are around the 5-8mm length, this will be proportionally suited for a more natural look that you can easily wear while feeling style appropriate. Try our RhondaEmilyBec & Cornel Magnetic Lashes or our Ivy & Odette Adhesive Lashes. 

  2. Little Drama
    If you already enjoy wearing lashes and don't mind a little drama, you will enjoy lashes that have lots of volume (more hairs) and a bit more length. Say 9-12 mm. Try our CassieMaggieSarah & Ava Magnetic Lashes or our Bonita & Bambi Adhesive Lashes. 

  3. Drama Queen

    Looking for something big and bold? Go all out with a voluminous lash choice around 11-15mm long. These lashes will be large for your features and are amazing for ladies with darker features or for strutting a perfectly Smokey eye. Try our AbigailHelenaAmber & Jill Magnetic Lashes or our Cheri and Missy Adhesive Lashes. 

Remember Proportion

Keep in mind that most lashes on models will seem smaller than they are for those with small eyes. This is because large or medium size eyes are proportionally bigger, so the lashes look small. Similar to how a large statement necklace could look amazing on a larger woman, but may seem over the top on someone with a petite frame. 


Cutting your Lashes

This may seem daunting but it is really easy! While most of our lashes will fit your eye shape without a trim, it may be needed for styles with a longer lash band. There is no need to feel intimidated, it is made easy by following this video. You can grab our handy lash scissors here.


Play around with the styles that we offer, perhaps grab a few of these styles and try them on to find what you love most. Our lashes are the best in the Australian market and you will love the way they look and feel. 

Let me know in the comments below any questions that you may have about shopping for lashes when you have smaller eyes!

Much Love,

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