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PBT The Miracle Fiber

What are our magnetic lashes made of?

While it may seem that our lashes are magically crafted somewhere deep in the woods through a form of forgotten witchcraft (we wish!), it’s actually a little simpler than that!

We carefully construct each pair using hairs made from a special polyester fiber called PBT a.k.a. Polybutylene terephthalate for all you scientists out there - try saying that a few times fast!

Believe us when we say that PBT is the holy grail material when it comes to lashes. Why? Well, first, PBT is an extremely strong fiber. Its natural stretch - think spandex but a little stiffer - and amazing recovery means this little beauty will hold its shape no matter what.

 It’s also incredibly enduring so that your lashes keep looking perfect after each wear (rumour has it one of our Witchy team accidentally gave her lashes a spin in the washer and they came out just as beautiful as before!)

While some lashes on the market can appear shiny and therefore not so natural, PBT gifts us with an elegant matte finish, effortlessly replicating the soft look of the natural lash.

Forget about heavy lashes that make keeping your eyes open a struggle, this material makes sure that all of our lashes are light and comfortable - perfect for longer wear!

For some, lashes and the heat & humidity of the Australian climate are a deadly combination, but not for our girls. Water is no match for this incredibly tough material and our weatherpoof liner. You'll be free to enjoy the hot weather without having to worry about destroying your lashes.

The PBT fiber also boasts a natural resistance to a wide range chemicals, including the chlorine found in pool water - so if you happen to find yourself submerged (be it intentional or not-so-intentional), you can rest assured that your lashes will still be as perfect as before.

As if this wasn’t enough, our lashes won’t be damaged or discoloured by the sun’s UV rays, meaning your lashes will stay looking as fresh as the day you bought them!

Miracle material? We think so too!

Lash creation

First, we begin by taking individual lash strands and expertly placing them in the desired pattern on a black or clear band, depending on the style.

Once we are completely satisfied with the lash layout and everything looks gorgeous, we carefully glue each strand into place using the finest quality and longest lasting glue.

Once dry, the lashes are then cut and shaped to absolute perfection by one of our talented team, ready to meet their new owner!

And there you have it! The ins & outs of how we ensure that each and every one of our lashes are of the highest quality.

Only the best for the best!

- Leanne

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