Best Lashes for Cancer Patients (Hair Loss)

Going through cancer treatment is a painful experience, and dealing with hair loss on top of that is quite stressful.

We want to make it simpler for women who are suffering hair loss as a result of cancer treatment to obtain lashes, with options that are tailored just for you. Lashes that look and feel natural & are simple to apply!

Benefits of false lashes for hair loss during and after cancer treatment?

🧁  Instantly full & thick lashes
🧁  With so many options, it's super simple to develop your own personal style.
🧁  They make you feel fantastic! Expressive! Beaming with confidence
🧁  Different lash styles for different days


But aren't lashes hard to apply?

Lash technology has really advanced, and with Witchy Lashes, even the most un-coordinated of us can get perfect lashes, every time.

🍨  Forget lash glue, and use our new Adhesive Pen (easy & clean application)
🍨  No Slipping & Sliding, our Magic adhesive is tacky from the moment you apply it
🍨  Precise application and time to perfect the fit ❌  WITHOUT ruining your make-up!


How strong is the application?

There's nothing worse than a lash coming off halfway through the day, especially if you're trying to be discreet about not having any natural lashes. Our Specially developed formula has you covered. 

💗   12+ Hours of Hold
💗   Immediately Secure Hold, no dry time
💗   Weatherproof & Sweat Proof
💦  Water Resistant
🐇  Vegan
👱🏽‍♀️  Gentle on Skin & Perfect for everyday use
🧼 Easy to remove

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What styles are best for cancer patients?

We've helped thousands of women feel confident in their lashes and we can't wait to do the same for you.

🎆  To start select styles that are small, like our Natural Lash Range
🎆  All of these styles are suitable for daily wear
🎆  Try 3-5 styles, you'll be wearing lashes most day so explore to find your faves!


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How to get the best prices on your lashes

Wearing lashes every day, means you'll go through about 2 pairs of lashes per month. Our Magic liner doesn't leave a thick and hard residue on your falsies, so they can be used for longer and they're super easy to clean, which means they're much more cost effective lashes.

🍄  To start select a value bundle such as the Natural Lash Kit, this will get you all you need to apply.
🍄  Expand your collection & top up on styles with our Bulk Buy Pack. Add 10 sets of lashes to your cart for 50% off in the cart
🍄  Try 3-5 styles, you'll be wearing lashes most days, so explore to find your faves!

value bundle best lashes for patients with cancer USA & Canada

Shipping & Returns

We ship our lashes worldwide, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Select DHL Express for Delivery as quick as 5 days or opt for our Free delivery options when you spend $100 or over. 

🥂  USA, Canada, UK, Europe, NZ & AUS - We ship to you!
🥂  Fast & Discreet Shipping
🥂  100% Tracked parcels ensure your goodies get to you safely


Unanswered questions? We love talking to you, shoot through a question below!

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