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Why is choosing Vegan Lashes important?

If you are anything like me, then it is super important for you to protect the fur babies while shopping for your make-up! Now, more than ever it is important to choose Vegan lashes over other lashes, with more and more people using lashes, the effects of our choices are echoing louder than they ever have. 

So let's start by talking about the alternative lash making material, Mink fur. Often used as a sales point, mink fur is fluffy and feels super luxurious, just like real lashes (if they were much longer and fluffier). Many of the looks you see on Instagram, with over the top fluffy lashes are in-fact created with mink fur lashes. 

While suppliers like saying that mink fur is harvested in a sustainable matter, what defines sustainable? Where are the processes for collection being outlined, where are these animals being bred, what are they being fed and what quality of life do they have? It is important to remember that labelling something with the word "sustainable" or "cruelty-free" can be deceiving because the definition is not always being disclosed. 

With the lash industry set to increase sales over the coming years, and the popularity of lashes only getting more prominent, your choice casts a vote that shapes our future. 

When you choose lashes that are made without mink fur, you are choosing not contribute to these industries. When you support suppliers who don't sell these products you are contributing to a market that is fair on animals. 

By choosing Witchy Lashes for your eyelash needs, you are building a future that is sustainable for everyone.

I would love to hear more from you on this topic, let's chat in the comments below!

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