Cherry Poppin' Bundle


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If you are starting your magnetic lash journey and you want the best price possible, then this is the bundle for you! It contains our most comfortable lashes suitable for daily wear and a few selections for when you're feeling fancy.

Simply choose the styles you love, pair them with our best-selling 16-hour hold Magnetic Liner, and check out! You're on your way to having lashes that look flawless and make you feel beautiful all day long. 


The Witchy Lashes Difference

  • 16 Hour Hold Magnetic Liner
  • Comfortable and Feather-light
  • 5 light-weight micro-magnets (MORE IS NOT BETTER)
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free (no Mink here!)
  • SUPER Easy to apply with our personalized instructions

Unlike other brands, we've carefully balanced the strength of our liner and the number of magnets on our lashes, so you'll have the most comfortable (and lightest!) wear that lasts for over 16 hours.

Once you see our quality of lashes and liner, you will come back for more!





We allow you to mix and match lashes to create a personalised bundle that you'll love, and of course, you can rest assured knowing you'll get the best price possible. 




Applying your lashes


Forget spending over an hour trying to get glue on lashes to stick properly, these lashes give you consistent results. Simply apply your liner, pop on your lashes and walk out the door feeling confident and beautiful!

Lashes used here are the Nadia lash, which you'll receive for free when you purchase 4 sets of lashes. 


Wearing your Lashes with Glasses?


All of these lashes are suitable for wear under glasses, however, if you have protruding eyes (eyes that sit close to your glasses), Marcha recommends selecting from these lashes:

  • Bec
  • Cornel
  • Emily
  • Nita

 You're going to love how good these feel under your glasses. And yes, you can wear them under metal frames!


Meet The Lashes


If you'd like to see more of these lashes you can click through to find detailed information below. 

Emily, Bec, Cornel, Laura, Ava, Sarah, Nita, Marcha


Looking for a larger selection? If you love your lashes more dramatic, you can check out our range of slightly more dramatic lashes.


Our Famous Liner


Find out how we created the best liner in Australia, with over 16 hours of hold time and easy application. 

This video Features our Australian Magnetics Gift set, with more dramatic lashes. You can check it out here.