How to save money on your Lashes

Hello my Witchy Ladies, 

With the cost of goods rising and all of us wanting to continue using and buying all of the things we love, I thought it would be a good time to talk a little bit about how to save money when buying your lashes. 

Firstly, as you may have noticed, I have recently changed our prices and across most products I have reduced our prices by 30%. While this is a massive cut for the business, what it does mean is that we provide an exceptional quality product for you as a consumer. So you can enjoy a lower price without worrying about having to find the latest discount code. A massive win for those of you who buy lashes monthly or bi-monthly. 

There are some more ways that you can extend your dollar, check out the buying and caring tips below to find what will work best for you. 

Newbie to lashes?

The best place to start if you are yet to buy your first set is with one of our bundles. These combine either a magnetic or adhesive (Magic) Liner with our exceptional quality lashes. So you can save on your first purchase and get everything you need to get started on your lash journey. 

Magic Lash Bundles Here

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Buying Good Quality

There are tonnes of cheap lashes on the market, and like with all things that you purchase, buying good quality pays off in the long run. When considering your lash purchase take into account these things:

  • Good quality lashes look & feel less like plastic and more like real lashes. So you'll not only be more comfortable, but you'll also look more put together with a good quality set of lashes. 

  • Lashes can easily lose their shape or start shedding when they are not made with high quality materials. So investing in the best quality products will give you more wears per pair, if you're a lash lover, buying good quality also turns out cheaper in the long run. 

  • Comfort first. Just like a pair of Prada heels is so much more comfortable than a no-name brand shoe, you'll find the same with lashes. At Witchy Lashes we put in considerable hours to ensure that we only source lashes that are comfortable for all day wear, so you don't have to compromise on comfort to look and feel good. 

  • Buying Australian lashes also supports our local economy, so you can get great products and support a small business that helps our economy immensely. Small decisions can contribute to big changes!

Buying Mixed Styles in Bulk

We have always offered a discount for buying your Magnetic Lashes in bulk, with our smallest one being 5 Magnetic sets for $99, saving you $25.95. Essentially you get one Magnetic set free with this deal. A great way to save on the purchase of your favourite Magnetic Lashes. 

With our 5 for $99 Magnetic offer, you can select from our entire magnetic eyelash range (except clearance items). You can also mix and match lashes to select the styles you love most, this is the best way to build a collection of lashes for an awesome price. With Australia's Largest selection and best quality magnetic lashes, you're guaranteed to find a style you love.

No discount code is needed, simply pop your favourite items in the cart and your discount will automatically apply. 

find all of our Magnetic Lashes Here

Buying your favourite Magnetic Lash Style in Bulk

More recently, I have released another bundle specifically for bulk buy. You can now buy 12 sets of your favourite Magnetic Lashes for just $179. Helping you save $120! Essentially you purchase 7 sets of Magnetic Lashes and get 5 for free. If you wear the same style a lot, and you love wearing your lashes often. I'd highly recommend checking out this option! You can select from all of our magnetic lash styles.

Want to grab your favourite Magnetic Lashes in a bulk bundle? Click here

Monthly Faves

Every month we choose a selection of Magnetic Lashes that go on sale, so you can build your Magnetic Collection and maybe even find your next favourites for a fraction of the price. Enjoy up to 60% off lash styles. 

Check out this months Favourites here


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Every so often we bring out a great sale, sometimes the sales are HUGE. Without a doubt, sales are a fantastic way to save on buying your favourite Magnetic Lashes and Magic Lashes, and building your collection. Want to get notified when we have sales? Sign up above and we will let you know!


Lash Care

With these fantastic deals it is easy to find lashes at a great price, but looking after those lashes with care will protect your investment and ensure that you get the longest wear from them. So lets look at some common issues when it comes to keeping your lashes in good shape. 


Losing a lash is the fastest way to end the life of your Magnetic and Strip Lashes. So to avoid this happening, always keep a case close to where you normally remove your lashes and pop them back in the case when you take them off. 

For the Magnetic Lashes, there's a handy magnetic strip inside the case that will help you keep your lashes in perfect position. This way they maintain their shape as well, resulting in lashes that look better for longer. 

For your adhesive lashes, you can simply apply a bit of the lash adhesive to either the bands or the case, and they'll stick back nicely into the case, ready for another wear. 



One of the most common issues I see around preserving the life of your lashes is cleaning! Some ladies don't clean their lashes often enough, resulting in a clumpy application that doesn't last as long, and also deteriorating the lash itself, resulting in less wears per pair. 

I highly reccomend cleaning your magnetic lashes at least once for every 3 wears. And for your Adhesive or Strip lashes, if you are using them with our Magic Adhesive, at least once every 5 to 7 times. 

With the magnetic lashes, it is best to lightly scrape off the dried magnetic liner using the back of your applicator tool before starting the cleaning process. 

Before cleaning your lashes, it is important to know that the individual lash hairs are adhered to the lash band using a strong glue. This is just one of the factors we have worked with our manufacturers on to ensure that our lashes stand the test of time. However, the one thing that will ruin this bond is oil. Therefore it is vital that you do not submerge your lashes with an oil based product.

"Oil-Free" Make-up removers

One of the things we have learnt through working so closely with lashes is that not all Oil Free make-up removers are really oil free. Many of these products use oil that has been chemically modified, but they still work like oils.

Another culprit is micellar water. This water based cleanser has been chemically engineered to contain tiny particles of oil that help soften and remove make-up. 

It is important to know that these are not safe for use while cleaning your lashes. We recommend using an alcohol wipe or a warm water bath (do not soak lashes for more than 30 seconds) and cotton bud to remove. You can check out our cleansing instructions here


Because many of the Mascara's available on the market contains oil, we highly recommend that you apply your mascara before you apply your lashes and avoid applying it to the top of your lashes. This will ensure that your lash band stays clear of oil and you'll get a better life from your set of lashes. 

It is also good to know that oil creeps. If you apply a drop of oil to a piece of leather or leather-like material, you will notice that the oil creeps its way over the leather, spreading to a wide surface area. The same thing happens with your skin and hair. 

This is why it is recommended that heavy oil based moisturisers and make-up products with oil bases are kept clear of the eye area while you are wearing lashes. 

While this may not be an issue that affects the majority of lash wearers, it is something to keep in mind when you find your lashes shedding hair or when you want to preserve the life of your lashes for as long as possible. 


When you keep all of your lashes in one place, you can easily find and select the perfect pair. I love using containers to group my lashes and keep them neatly organised in my make-up shelf. 

I love how lashes can completely transform a look and I also love getting a great deal on the things I love most. 

I hope this guide has given you some handy ideas on how to best buy and maintain your lashes so you can get the most bang for your buck. 

As always, Much Love, 

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