Sustainable Eyelash Packaging with Witchy Lashes

I'm sure you already know how much I love Witchy Lashes! I started the brand from my tiny at home office, after feeling frustrated by the fact that lashes took way too long to apply. I was searching for a way to make it easy, and after finding the winning solution (Magnetic Eyelashes) I spent months testing, formulating and creating the product. And like with all things in life, I strive to improve the Witchy Lashes product and the brand every day. 

With my new Lash Extension Eyelash Collection hitting the shelves this month, sustainability was really high on my list of considerations for the product. With most of the lash packaging from online brands being heavy in the use of plastics, I wanted to reduce that waste as much as possible to help with the biodegrading process.

I did some research when looking into this and found a really fun fact! Did you know that scientists have discovered over 16 species of fungi that break down plastics into safe compounds that help our plants thrive? How cool is that! We could possibly break down our household plastic waste in our own back yards! 

Distractions aside, this new collection, as well as others (coming soon!!) has some really fun and exciting packaging, with a variety of colours and textures that add to your shopping experience while reducing plastic waste. I am so happy to announce that our packaging now contains 90% less plastic, and more value than ever before. 

I decided to make this change after seeing how heavily plastic is currently being used in the industry. Lash cases are made from thick, heavy plastics, that are very difficult to disintegrate without the proper biology and the right method of disposal. For example, many lash retailers are using these round cases:

plastic waste eyelash industry

These cases are heavy in the use of plastic, and they are disposed of once the lashes reach their end of life. For a lash lover, this could mean anywhere from 10-30 plastic packages of waste a year. Waste that due to our knowledge of plastic breakdown being in its infancy, will be floating around for generations to come.

Our older lash cases present the same issue, and from an environmental standpoint I don't believe this is something that we need moving forward. While our existing stock will be sold as is, sustainable packaging is the way forward for Witchy Lashes, and I am excited for the developments we make in the future too (yes, I am still researching those plastic munching fungal friends)!

Imagine the change we will make in a generation with these small swaps. Imagine the change an industry can make in just 10 years! 

As always we still send all of our lashes in our pretty paper boxes and tissue paper, with minimal marketing materials. I still love providing you with a beautiful unboxing experience to enjoy. 

I would love your thoughts on how we could craft an even more sustainable brand, if you have some ideas, get in touch!

As always, Much love, 


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