Double Trouble

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Get ready for the fluffiest, most luxurious lashes of your life! These were created to look just like a full set of lash extensions at a fraction of the price, so you can have the look for less!

These are also super comfy with soft and thin lash bands, so you can avoid the itch that comes with traditional lash extensions. 

In this set you'll get:

   💜 2 sets of any styles you like

   💜 Our famous Magic pen, allows you to apply your lashes effortlessly

About the Lash styles

These styles are inspired by the Russian Volume sets that Lash Salons have to offer, but these have a gorgeously fluffy appearance that make them that much more luxurious. We have also added in a matte coating for shine reduction, so you'll get a more realistic look and feel. Now, you can get that ultimate volume & curl lashes from home, affordably.