Life of the Party

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Party it up in our flared-end faves! This pack will expand your lash collection with 4 sets of versatile party lashes. 

💜​ Light, medium & full-volume
💜​ 3 Dimensional fibers for a luxe side profile
💜​ A set for every occasion
💜​ Suitable for Small and Large eyes
💜​ 30+ wears per pair

Apply these with our famous Magic Liner for up to 12 hours of weatherproof wear. 


Lash Lengths

Bonita: Shortest Length 5mm X Longest Length 10mm
Dixie: Shortest Length 9mm x Longest Length 14mm
Elle: Shortest Length 8mm x Longest Length 14mm
Missy: Shortest Length 7mm x Longest Length 13mm

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