Downturned Magic

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Say no more, shopping for down-turned eyes shouldn't be a chore! This pack will expand your lash collection with 4 sets of versatile lashes that are designed for brightening and lifting. 

💜​ Opens & Lifts the eyes
💜​ Designed for comfort
💜​ Light, medium & full-volume
💜​ 3 Dimensional fibers for a luxe side profile
💜​ A set for every occasion
💜​ Suitable for Small and Large eyes
💜​ 30+ wears per pair

Apply these lashes with our famous Magic Liner for up to 12 hours of weatherproof wear.

want to learn more about your downturned eyes? Click here to discover our latest blog on the topic with heaps of make-up tips, lash tricks and info that you'll love! 


Lash Lengths

Odette: Shortest Length 5mm x Longest Length 9mm
Bambi: Shortest Length 6mm x Longest Length 10mm
Cheri: Shortest Length 8mm x Longest Length 15mm
Dahlia: Shortest Length 9mm x Longest Length 14mm

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