Versatile Lashes for all Eye Shapes

If you want to get straight to lash business without learning about your eye shape first, these lashes are your best bet for perfectly accentuated eyes. The perfect place to start your lash collection!

Not sure whether you would like to use our Magnetic or Magic range? Check out this page.
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  • Nadia

    This lash is half the length of our standard lashes, but don't let that fool you! It packs twice the versatility, you can place this lash in 3 different positions to give you the perfect look every time.

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  • Cornel

    This lash adds shape and density to your lashes without altering your natural appearance. A must have if you like a minimal look.

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  • Laura

    This classic lash has a gorgeous flared end with a deep curl, it creates a lifted appearance, while adding a medium amount of volume for a fuller look. A beautiful daily wear lash.

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  • Cassie Magnetic Lash

    One of our all time favourite Magnetic Lashes. This lash features gorgeous criss cross hairs that give a wispy effect. The short length in this lash makes it perfect for wearing on all occassions or under glasses.

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  • Marcha Magnetic Lash

    This lash is half the length of our standard range, you will love the playful and surprisingly natural appearance of this lash. It creates an effortlessly lifted appearance.

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  • Bonita Magic Strip Lash

    Soft & curly, this set will add depth and accentuates all shapes beautifully. Perfect for daily or special occasion wear.

    Shop the Bonita strip Lash 
  • Ivy Magic Strip Lash

    This lash is an absolute must have for daily wear, with its round shaped and dimensional fibers you'll get a full yet natural effect and a gorgeous side profile.

    Shop the Ivy Strip Lash 
  • Bonita Magic Strip Lash

    As the name siggests, this lash creates a gorgous defined lash look. It does have full volume, so if you love your lashes full and thick, this is the perfect match for you.

    Shop Bonita Magic Strip Lash 
  • Elle Magic Strip Lash

    This is our most popular Magic Strip lash. Featuring 3D volume, a gorgeous flared end and soft & thin hairs, this lash has everything you could want!

    Shop the Elle Strip Lash 
  • Odette

    Like your lashes minimal? This set adds shape and definition withouit overpowering your natural lashes. The perfect selection for smaller eyes or for wearing with your glasses.

    Shop the Odette Strip Lash 
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