Nadia Magnetic Lash

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Get effortlessly beautiful lashes in minutes, without harming your natural lashes.


"I love how Nadia opens my eye. Pictured one eye with, one without. It highlights the eye-looking natural too. I have smaller Asian eyes, hooded. These open the eye. Great. Love them." -Lyn M.

Why you'll love Witchy Lashes:

  • Easy application
  • Done in minutes, not hours!
  • Consistent results, every time
  • Strong Vegan Formula lasts for over 16 hours
  • Tiny Micro magnets optimised for comfort
  • Feather-light lashes
  • Over 40 wears per pair


Nadia is the one and only accent lash featuring a gorgeous fan shape. She's in a league of her own, this lash brightens your face by creating the illusion of a wide-open eye. A beautiful daytime wear lash for those with medium to large eyes. If you have petite eyes you will love this lash for its volume and shape.

This lash is great for:

  • Downturned Eyes
  • Hooded Eyes
  • Small Eyes
  • Almond Eyes

If you have petite eyes you can trim the outer magnet from this lash and it will simultaneously reduce the length and volume, giving you a more proportionate style. 


Lash Facts
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