Wearing Lashes with Extensions

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh set of lashes. The fluffiness and fullness they have right at the start gives you a boost of confidence like only lashes can! But what do you do when they start shedding, or when you need something a little bigger than usual for a night out? 

I have some great tips to help you make the most of your extensions and enjoy the occasional wear of some falsies!

Lash Extension Shedding

Shedding is completely normal with lash extensions, in-fact, your lashes naturally shed all the time. Your natural lashes all shed and regrow within a 90 day period, which is why your lash tech recommends that you get an infill every 2 to 3 weeks to keep your set looking fresh. 

But sticking to regular appointments isn't always easy, and sometimes you may lose a few more lashes on one eye than the other, which can leave one feeling a little self conscious. 

In this case it is so easy to throw on a pair of falsies, BUT, and there is a big but here! Doing this could result in even more lost lashes if you are not careful, so let me give you a little more info and help you make the right choice for you.

What can go wrong?

When applying falsies these are your 3 top concerns:

  • Using a strong glue can rip out some of your extensions
  • Using the wrong glue can interfere with your lash extension bond and cause fallout
  • Glue that gets stuck in between your lashes and makes it hard to clean your lashes

So how do you overcome this?

Choose an adhesive that is gentle and safe to use with your lash extensions! I have developed a light, easy to apply formula that lasts all day and is safe to wear over your extensions. My favourite parts are:

  • It doesn't rip out your natural lashes
  • It does not get stuck in between your lashes! whoop
  • It is gentle and easy to remove with your lash tech's recommended lash shampoo

Check out our Magic Liner Adhesive here, we like to think it is the best lash glue in Australia!


What style of strip lashes to wear with your lash extensions?

Now that you know what glue you can use, it's time to choose some styles! Because your lash extensions are likely curly, you want to choose styles that match your curls for a comfortable and seamless look. 

Check out these collections below, they feature

  • Thin & Comfortable bands for a perfectly natural look
  • Gorgeous curls that sit comfortably over your extensions
  • Length & Volume options that give you the look you want


Would you like your lash artist to stock this range? send her a link to our page. We do wholesale!

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