Bright & Lifted

Perfect for Downturned & Tired Eyes

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Already a Witchy Lashes Lover & wanting to expand your styles? Try Marcha's curated Round & Full bundle for an instant transformation. This bundle is perfect for an instant facelift, it focuses on creating a 'lifted' effect.

This bundle is fantastic if you love fuller lashes and an open/awake eye look. Suitable for:

- Down-turned eyes, will give you an instant eye lift

- Hooded-Eyes, these styles are comfy to wear

- Dramatic Looks, a good mix of long & short lashes suitable for the office, and also nights out

Easily top up on your magnetic liner with this bundle for just $35.


Adds length and creates a wispy look, subtle on the volume. If you love long lashes you can wear this lash daily, it is also fantastic for evening settings.


Classic lash extension look. Curly & full-bodied with a medium length. This lash is beautiful for a dramatic look that is suitable for all occasions. It is very similar to what you would expect from getting a full set of Volume lash extensions. (Glasses friendly for most)


Oh, Bella! This is a gorgeous lash that you can wear for a full daytime look. It adds just enough drama to be noticed while looking natural & feeling comfortable. The rounded shape creates a gorgeous open-eyed look that you'll fall in love with.  (Glasses friendly for most)


A short lash that packs layers of volume & a soft wispy look. The shortness of this lash makes triple volume look completely natural. Helena is an absolute game-changer, you'll find yourself opting for this lash on daily occasions where you want to impress without looking done-up. (Glasses friendly for all)


Marcha loves the transformational power of this lash so much, that she wants you to have it completely free. This lash can be worn in 3 different ways, depending on where you decide to place it. A truly versatile piece that suits all shapes and can be worn just the way you like. Opens up the eyes to create a natural lift & is incredibly comfortable for those days where you just can't be bothered dressing up!

In this set, you'll receive 5 sets of lashes that give you a lifted look and expand your lash collection. Discover new ways to accentuate your eyes while enjoying the easy application that you've already come to love.

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