Cat Eye Magnetic Lash Bundle

Our best value Lash bundle!

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Include Magnetic Pen & Applicator Tool?

Let us make your choice easy! Try Marcha's curated Magnetic Cat EyeLash Bundle, featuring our 5 most popular flared style lashes. This bundle is perfect for getting that put together cat eye look, you'll love the transformation.

About These lashes:

  💖 Medium to full volume that makes a statement

  💖 Flared ends bring a playful vibe

  💖 Different lengths to suit all occasions

Try our NEW Magnetic Pen liner for the easiest application ever!


The perfect length and shape to look & feel both natural and glammed up at the same time. A must-have in any lash collection, this one is a versatile gem!



Multiple layers of our soft-volume lashes create a soft and bushy look, perfect for a full glam occasion.


Features soft lashes, placed in a 'spikey' pattern. Once applied this creates a fun and wispy look that draws attention in all the right ways. 


This lash is as royal as the name. Multiple layers of soft lashes create a gorgeous side profile while keeping a soft and natural look. This lash will seamlessly transition from the office to date night. 


Possibly our most popular lash of all time. On our first launch, this baby sold out in less than 24 hours, and for good reason. This lash creates the perfect fox-eye look with minimal effort and maximum comfort. She is yours completely free with the purchase of this set!


In this bundle, you'll receive 5 sets of lashes that give you a lifted look and expand your lash collection. Discover new ways to accentuate your eyes while enjoying the easy application that you've already come to love.

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