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Can I wear false eyelashes to work?

With the popularity of lashes increasing, it's becoming more common for them to be worn for almost every occasion. If you look around at the gym, school pickups, casual dining and even places where you shop, there's basically a 100% chance that you'll spot at least 1 set of false lashes framing the eyes of a lady.

Does that mean that you can wear them everywhere? This really depends on personal preference, but it certainly isn't uncommon. I'm here to lead the way for you when it comes to wearing lashes in the workplace, so you can look beautiful and appropriate.


Consider where you work

Each workplace is different, let's take for example a lawyers office vs a car sales dealership. In a lawyers office there is usually a dress code that is professional and modest. This will mean that wearing lashes that are more modest or natural will probably blend in better with the outfits you'll be wearing to work.

At a car dealership, especially sales facing positions, there is still a professional dress code, however the aim of the work is usually persuasion, to increase sales and customer loyalty. In this type of position you may be able to wear lashes that show a bit more personality and charm.

Have a look at how people in your industry dress and what your position requires when deciding whether it's best to stick to natural looking lashes, or whether you can go all out with a pair that let's your personality shine through.

Selecting a comfortable and durable applications

When you wear lashes every day, it is important to consider what is going to be best for you in the long run.

Lashes that take a lot of time to apply will likely weigh down your morning routine and require more of a time commitment. So start by asking how much time you can spare in the morning?


Eyelash Extensions

If you can't lose a second, you may want to consider eyelash extensions. While these lashes don't require much work in the morning, they do require:

- Daily cleansing & brushing
- Fortnightly infills that can take between 1-2 hours

These lashes can be very convenient, but may also cause lash damage when used long term and they can work out a bit more pricey.


Magnetic Eyelashes

These lashes are super easy to apply, especially if you are used to using eyeliner. When you choose Witchy Lashes, the liner dries completely with zero tackiness through the day and has a long wearing 16-hours of hold time.

These lashes will add 5 minutes onto your morning routine, but they will save you the lash damage, Fortnightly infills and a whole bunch of money when compared to extensions.

Magnetic eyelashes do require cleaning, so be prepared to spend 10 minutes a week cleansing your lashes for another week of perfect applications. This can be avoided if you have a larger collection, you may be able to get away with Fortnightly cleansing, or if you aren't keen on the upkeep, finding a style you like and buying in bulk is an easy way to avoid this completely. 

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Magic Lashes

These beauties can be applied with a clear pen liner that is incredibly user friendly. If you have zero make-up experience and good eyesight, we highly recommend this type of lash application.

It works similar to traditional glue on lashes, but you apply the adhesive directly to your lids and there is no dry time. So adjustment is precise and easy.

These lashes are light wear, cause no lash damage and are hypo allergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Application will take around 3-5 minutes, and cleansing on these lashes cam easily be done with an alcohol disinfectant wipe as they don't accumulate any glue.

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Glue on Lashes

These are the old school lashes applied with lash glue. Now there are benefits and drawbacks with these and it really depends on your experience in using them.

If you are experienced using glue to apply your lashes, then you'll have no issue with the application process. If you're not experienced, this application method is the most challenging. It requires practice and patience to master.

The benefit to applying lashes with glue is that you can generally find the strongest adhesives, especially if you normally have trouble with lashes staying applied.

The drawbacks are that glue can be quite hard on the skin and natural lashes, especially when you consider the long term use. It also builds up quickly on false lashes and doesn't allow for easy cleaning. So you may be replacing lashes more often than if you were using magnetic or magic adhesives. 


So what lash styles can I wear to work?

If you are going for the natural look. I recommend choosing lashes that are no more than 10mm long (if you have smaller eyes) and no more than 12mm if you have larger eyes. This is a blanket rule that will help you purchase suitable lashes, however you may also want to consider the volume of your lashes for work. 

Lash volume refers to how many lash hairs are in one set of lashes, for a natural look you want to find something that either has minimal hairs or has a very natural (usually round) shape. 

To help with making this decision, the team at Witchy Lashes has curated some bundles that will give you 4 sets of lashes perfect for work. As a bonus, you'll also get our special bundle price on these sets so you can save some money while you get perfect lashes for work!


Magnetic Lashes for Work

This bundle contains all you'll need to get started on your lashes at work journey, select the Natural Style if you would like something perfectly natural for work


Magic Lashes for Work

This bundle has perfectly natural lashes, suited for work

Try this bundle for some awesome bulk buy savings, to make wearing lashes to work even more affordable 

Want to find out more about how to save when you purchase our lashes? Check out our recent blog article

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