St!cky Stuff Lash Adhesive

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Love your lashes without the struggle! Our newest innovation combats all the woes of lash glue. 

  • Know exactly when lashes are ready to apply, no more guessing
  • Adjust to your heart's content, without messing up your eyeshadow
  • Safe to use on your natural lashes & with extensions
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly & Latex Free
  • 16 Hour Hold Application with our Fauxies Range
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
How to Apply

1. Apply a coat of St!cky stuff to the lash band & set it down to rest

2. When the St!cky Stuff has turned clear, you're good to go. 

3. Position your lashes on the applicator tool & apply


You'll have a bit of time to adjust the lashes and get them into place, no slipping & sliding here it's all gripping & jiving! Congratulations on applying your lashes in record time & with minimal effort. 


Ready to take them off?

It's even easier than applying them! Grab your lashes from the inner or outer corners and slowly pull them away from your lids. You'll notice the St!cky Stuff is... yep, still sticky! So removal is comfortable. 

Removing the liner is easy, wash your face with some warm water and a gentle face wash. All done!



How long will this hold my lashes?

St!cky Stuff will give you over 16-hours of worry-free wear time 😍


Can I wear it with my lash extensions?

Yes! If you're trying to cover up your pre-infill lashes or you want to swap your daily look for something a little more exciting, you can use this adhesive safely! It is gentle on your skin & removes easily, you, your lash tech & your wallet will be bouncing with delight!


Safe for sensitive skin?

Yup! Our St!cky Stuff Adhesive contains no Latex and it's formulated with ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin.  

Is it waterproof?

St!cky Stuff is water-resistant, if you are looking for something that is 100% waterproof, try our Easy Application Magnetic range. 


Can I use it with any lashes?

We love using it with our Fauxies range, these lashes were specially developed to work with St!cky Stuff for a 16-hour hold. You can try it with other lashes, of course, we are not able to guarantee that it will give you an all-day hold. 


Glue vs. St!cky Stuff?

Glad you asked! 


Magic liners vs. St!cky Stuff?

We have searched for the perfect Magic Liner high and low, but the sad reality is that we have not been able to find a product that works to our standards. Applying 3 coats of magic liner, and having the inside corners pop off after a few hours of wear just isn't good enough for us. That's why we set out to recreate the OG way of applying lashes, admittedly, it was WAY broke, so we fixed it!


Witchy Lashes Magnetic liner vs. St!cky Stuff?



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"This stuff is AMAZING! I've never been able to apply glue on lashes, but this stuff is magic. I applied my lashes in 2 minutes and they lasted all day. I'm impressed!" - Mikaela H.


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