You're in the right place. This Application guide will help you apply your lashes perfectly.



1 Measure your lashes

For a comfortable and long lasting application, your lashes should be applied about 5mm away from the inner corner of your eye. Measure them by holding the lashes up against your eye. If the band is longer than where your natural lashes end, cut off one magnet.

Tip: Cut as close as possible to the next magnet over so that the end can be applied securely. You can cut from either side of the lash, depending on what style you would prefer.

2 Cleanse before applying Make-up

Your liner will last longer when applied to fresh skin & make-up. Use a gentle cleanser & avoid the use of oily products around your eyes for best results.


3 shake your liner

To help distribute the magnetic particles for a stronger application.

Open your liner and swirl the brush around the inside top of the bottle. This will remove excess liner, and allow for a more precise application.

Tip: You may have to apply two coats when removing the excess, for a stronger hold.

4 Apply your Liner

If you struggle with liquid liner, you can steady your elbow on something to make it a bit easier.

Angle the brush so that it lays flat against your lid, then drag it to apply the liner smoothly.

Tip: No Luck? If you have an angled brush at home, you may want to try switching to that. You can also check out our perfectly slanted liner brush, it's fantastic for newbies.

Made a mess?

5 Apply & Adjust

Give your liner at least 60 seconds to set, then apply your lashes. You will have some time to adjust them so they sit to your liking before they set in place.

Tip: Having trouble? Check these two key factors.

  1. If you are applying your lashes before the 60 seconds are done, they won't stick well. This is because the base is not yet strong enough to hold them in place.
  2. Have you waited for the liner to dry? If the liner is completely dry, the lashes won't stick. Our liner is formulated to bond with the lashes for an insanely awesome hold. If you apply the lashes once the liner is dry, the liner & lashes are unable to bond & your application won't last.

6 LEave for 15 minutes to set in place

The unique bonding action can take up to 15 minutes to firmly set your lashes in place. For best results avoid touching the lashes during this time.


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