Applying for the First Time

Hey Beautiful!

If you're starting your journey with Magnetic Lashes and this is the first time you are applying them, these tips are going to save you stress and time. 

Magnetic Lashes are designed to apply fast and easily, the best part is that you'll get the same result every time. Consistency is key, ultimately this is what's going to give you the confidence to apply your lashes before you leave the house, even if it's last minute. 

Glue on lashes are problamatic for many women, because the results are so insconsistent. Waiting for glue to be the right amount of tacky, applying the perfect amount of glue, and the biggest test... getting the lash on, without transforming your perfected smokey eye into a hot, sticky mess! 

While Magnetic Lashes are a WAY easier solution to this issue, they are not without a learning curve. So, if you've just purchased your first set of lashes and you are wanting to wear them to a wedding this weekend, you must practice applying them before your event. Why? because they are easy, but not fool proof. 

It's the first time you are using a new eyeliner, you are not yet used to the applicator or the consistency of the liner. If you make a mistake, you may not know the best way to fix the mistake. And what if you "forget" to read the instructions and it didn't go down the way you expected? 🤣 Disaster!

So, be sure to check out our application instructions before you apply your lashes, and have a practice until you get them right. The product is amazing and you will love it, for some, it just takes a little practice to get perfect. 


All the best,