Magnetic Lashes & Glasses



Finally some choice!

Ok, I know that you ladies with glasses don't always have the widest array of options when it comes to accessorising your eyes, and this shouldn't be the norm!

You can totally wear lashes under your glasses and even with your contact lenses.

All of our lashes that are generally fit for glasses have an easy to identify, glasses approved icon on the product page. So while you are browsing through lashes, you can easily find ones suitable for wearing underneath your frames. 

These glasses approved lashes are ones that work for most women because they don't have a great deal of length in the middle of the lash band. So, your lashes won't act as wiper blades for your glasses!

While these lashes are safest to stick to for glasses, if you do love dramatic looks all is not lost. We urge you to grab a pair of Semi-Dramatic lashes also, as we have many ladies who have enough space between their eyes and glasses to get away with a longer lash, you might be one of them! And if they don't work? You can easily wear them with your contacts. 

To find all of our glasses approved lashes, check out our special collection.

I truly hope that you have the freedom to express yourself with our gorgeous range of glasses-safe magnetic lashes. 

Love, Marcha

Ps: They are totally OK to wear with metal frames ;-)