Magnetic or Magic?

Our Magnetic Lashes apply using our unique Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula. The formula contains iron oxides (a commonly used ingredient in mascara's and eyeliners) that attract the nano magnets on our Magnetic Lashes, so the application process is somewhat automated. Our liner is also the first Magnetic Liner to market that contains a bonding agent that completely dries, so there is no tackiness after the liner sets. 

Our Magic Liner is a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows you to apply your lashes with no magnets needed. This formula requires zero dry time and allows you to re-adjust your lashes easily for a hassle free application.

Both of our liners are allergy friendly, and contain no latex or strong glue compounds found in regular lash glue. Our liners keep your natural lashes looking strong and healthy!


1) The Magic Liner uses no magnets and can be applied with any lashes.
2) Our Magic Liner comes in Clear and Black, and the Magnetic in black only.
3) Our Magic Liner works with any lash (without magnets) & the magnetic liner works only with magnetic lashes.
4) The Magnetic Liner helps you position the lash, but it is a manual process with the Magic Liner. You do have the chance to adjust with both formulas. 

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