Natural Lashes - A Quick Guide


🎀  Fuller looking lashes are just a step away 


Not sure which styles to choose?  Bambi, Elle & Ivy are our 3 most popular styles, these work for all eye shapes and are a good variety for different occasions. You can't go wrong with these 3 classical lash sets.

 fuller and thicker lashes best eyelashes australia picture of eyes with lashes on them

 If you would like fuller lashes without looking over the top, or if you have small eyes, we recommend grabbing these 3 styles


If you like some extra volume or you have larger eyes, we think these will look great on you!

full and thick lashes Australian owned easy to apply - image of lashes on woman


All of our lashes have been designed to look natural, so you can get fuller and thicker looking lashes without worrying about being "overdone". If you're still not sure which styles to select, choose the ones you like most on our model, you won't be disappointed!


Wear Glasses?

We have placed little spectacles next to all the styles that will give you thicker and fuller looking lashes under your glasses. You can wear these with comfort!

witchy lashes best australian lashes - eyelash measurement chart


Lash Descriptions:

Ivy: This lash gives an immediate lifting look and works on all eye shapes, making it ideal for everyday use. A staple for lifting and volumizing sparse lashes.

Bambi: A fuller-bodied lash that defines the lash line and offers full volume without extending your lashes. A excellent alternative for petite eyes and wearing with spectacles.

Jade: Do you want length but not a lot of volume? Jade softens the appearance of deep set eyes (eyes that sit farther back from the brow bone).

Elle: The traditional Flared end lash. The Elle lash is the epitome of femininity, with a medium curl that lifts and defines while adding volume and length. The ideal evening wear lash.

Bonita: Another flared beauty, this lash will give you a lovely full volume appearance while the length keeps everything natural. This lash is a must-have in your collection.

Rita: This lash is for people who like high volume and a cat eye flare. This lash adds dimension to your appearance and draws attention to your eyes. Our favourite pick for a daring ensemble!