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Descriptions of Lashes: 

Ivy: This lash produces an immediate lifting look and works on all eye shapes, making it ideal for everyday usage. A must-have for lifting and volumizing sparse lashes.

Bambi: A lash with a bigger body that defines the lash line and offers complete volume without extending your lashes. A excellent option for those with tiny eyes or who use glasses.

Jade: Do you want length but not too much volume? Jade softens the appearance of deep set eyes (eyes that sit farther back from the brow bone).

Elle: The traditional Flared End Lash. The Elle lash is the essence of femininity, with a medium curl that serves to lift and define while adding volume and length. The ideal lash for evening wear.

Bonita: Another flared beauty, this lash will give you a lovely full volume appearance while remaining natural in length. This lash is an absolute must-have in your collection.

Rita: This lash is for individuals who like a lot of volume and a cat eye flare. This lash provides depth to your appearance and draws attention to your eyes. Our favourite pick for a daring look!